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Incorporation of a company | Scotland & UK

Incorporation of a company

We are now company incorporation agents, allowing us to form a company at Companies House in just a few hours, and at a very low-cost. Firstly, you need to decide if incorporation is right for you, and we can help you with that decision, and about which type of company is right for you. If it is then we can undertake the incorporation of your company and even manage all the secretarial functions for you, though our subsidiary company.

For the incorporation of a company we need the following information from you:

  • Company name (and a possible alternative or two)
  • Registered office (this can be our office)
  • The following details of each director or Company Secretary
    • Full name
    • Full address
    • Contact phone number
    • Nationality
    • A copy of the photo page of your passport (if not already a client)
    • National Insurance Number
    • Town of birth

We have also prepared a form for companies to use to gather the information necessary for the appointment of a director.

Companies no longer need to have a company secretary, so the sole director can fill both these functions.

Incorporation of a new company, quickly and cheaply

As part of the fixed price of £150 + VAT for the incorporation we will also register the company for PAYE and VAT (if required), and complete the necessary forms to register the company with the Inland Revenue.

If you are not now a client, them we will have to undertake money laundering checks. Details of what is required under the money laundering regulations are given here.

Companies which are incorporated in Scotland must have a Registered Office in Scotland.  We can also offer Registered Office services in England or Wales through our office facilities there.

Please note that requests to host Scottish Limited partnerships (with non resident members) which we have not formed will almost certainly be refused.

If you are to be appointed as a director, you may want to look at this HMRC webcast about your responsibilities and our factsheet on the next practical steps that will happen.

Company information

As you might know, the information held at Companies House can be less than clear to the layman, and might need much interpretation.

We can get access to all the records at Companies House, and by using credit reference agencies we can find more information on your competitors, possible acquisition targets or just a firm you want to benchmark against.

These services are surprisingly reasonably priced, and we can turn the information around in minutes – not days.

  • Recently we were asked to help a newly formed company get copies of the statutory documentation filed at Companies House, as the solicitors dealing with the matter were unable to offer this service.  It took us five minutes and cost the client £2 to get the answers which answered all their questions.
  • A client was interested in buying a business, but was getting conflicting information from the seller.  We were able to quickly show that the (soon to be) ex-spouse was still a 50% shareholder, contrary to what the seller advised; and when that was resolved, that there were other new bank floating and fixed charges that arose as part of the divorce settlement.  The client saved a huge amount of time and cost, by exiting the transaction early.