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Tax returns

We submit 1,000 Tax Returns annually

Most people only deal with the Inland Revenue through the tax coding they receive every year; whilst many others have to prepare tax returns year after year.

Tax returns

We deal with Tax Returns to the Inland Revenue virtually every day and know their procedures and expectations intimately, which allows us to advise and act for you in all taxation matters in the most efficient manner possible.

We obviously can’t promise to prevent you being investigated, but we can ensure that only the relevant information is submitted to the tax authorities in a proper format, and that we will ensure that tax returns are kept error free, to minimise the chances of your Return being selected for investigation.

We can help ensure you claim all the allowances you are entitled to, which might be as simple as some flat rate allowances for clothing expenses or more complex claims.

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You can’t prevent a tax investigation happening, but we can reduce the risk to the taxpayer through our experience and skills.  And we offer tax investigation insurance to our clients to pay the costs of any investigation.

Probably one of the most stressful events in your life, a tax investigation needs to be handled firmly, professionally and objectively.  We have built a huge reputation with our clients and with the Inland Revenue for dealing with investigations in a manner that is helpful, effective and knows exactly where to draw the lines. We always act for the client, not the taxman, and are willing and able to draw lines where the Inland Revenue seek to exceed their authority. That is not being confrontational, but all about being prepared to challenge the Inspector when the try to do too much.

  • In a recent case, a client was being investigated and the Inspector wanted proof that the drawings from the business were the sole source of income for our client and that they met all the outgoings.  After careful consideration, we decided the request was reasonable, but suspected that the Inspector was going on a ‘fishing expedition’.  We provided the information in such a form that the Inspector’s questions were satisfied, and he couldn’t get any more information beyond the exact minimum he had requested.  The investigation was closed almost immediately.