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Payroll services

One of the most mundane tasks and business faces – payroll processing – is also potentially one of the most complex.

SSP, SMP, SPP, SPA, WFTC, arrestments, holiday pay entitlement ….. the list of difficulties is endless.

We process well over 20,000 payslips a year, ranging from single employees to payrolls costing £3m per month, so we are very well placed to deal with all your requirements for a fixed price every time you need to run a payroll.

  • Can you risk ending up in an Industrial Tribunal if you get it wrong?
  • Can you be bothered working through those tax tables and hope you get it right?
  • How much notice and holiday are they due, if it doesn’t work out?

Stop worrying, and allow us to deliver all this and much, much more.

We have the experience, so you have the reassurance that it is being done correctly, and we are approved by the Inland Revenue for electronic filing of data.

Not only that, be we are also ahead of the game by being ready for the biggest ever change in payroll, when Real Time Information is introduced in 2013.

You can outsource your payroll services to us, with complete confidenceWe are ready for Real Time Information - RTI

You can send us your payroll information, by phone or fax, or by email.

For international payroll services, contact Sue or see our Norwegian and Dutch specialist sites. We can also deal with our jurisdictions, so please contact us.

Employment for employers

We can help you with guidance on recruiting staff, agreeing and writing contracts of employment, managing illness, discipline and redundancy procedures and giving you guidance through every step of the way.

Sue has managed teams of over 100 people in three countries whilst working for an international bank, and had full responsibility for hiring, firing and organising her team. That practical experience is invaluable, and something that can never be learnt from a book, or on courses.

We will work with you right through the processes to ensure that you are compliant at every stage, usually involving an initial check upon or set up of your systems, followed by periodic reviews.  All supported by immediate availability of Sue to help you prevent problems arising.

Other suppliers of these services offer support through a call-centre. We have someone you can speak to or see instantly.

Prevent problems arising by acting in advance – call Sue today.

Payroll is provided via our sister company, Payroll Scotland.

Additional services to employees

Just as we can employers, we can support employees who are having problems with an employer, and negotiate and represent them through the processes.

  • An employee was being ‘offered’ early retirement, which was actually redundancy dressed under another name.  Rather than fight the definition, we helped the employee negotiate an excellent exit package which delivered everything they hoped for.  With our guidance on how to deal with the matter, we were able to tell the employee that the exit package failed to mention a number of key clauses we would have expected the employer to include.  The end result that the client left with an excellent package and was then almost immediately head hunted by the competition. He is now in an equal position with another employer; but ten of thousands better off.
  • An employee was being threatened with a disciplinary hearing. After contacting us, we were able to tell the employee that almost the entire procedure that had been followed was flawed. We represented her against her employers (a very large household name), and they withdrew the complaint, leaving the employee with an unblemished record.