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Stornoway office

The business of Nicolson Accountancy started in Stornoway in 2004 in a tiny office where Sue and Angus Nicolson quickly established a thriving business, and it was only two years before we were buying and moving to a very much larger two-storey office on the Bayhead Street in Stornoway.

Within another two years the business was booming at a very rapid rate and the IT infrastructure was upgraded for the third time with a view to planning to be able to manage a client base that was forecast to double again in the next few years.

As it turned out, growth forecasts were more rapid than expected and the broadband in the islands was simply unable to manage the huge data volumes that the business was generating; and the reliability of the power and data connection spurred the firm on to Glasgow.  And the rest is history.

Today the Stornoway office is a very busy base for clients local and further afield, and with a common VoIP phone connection and phone number across the two offices, clients can be assured of a top quality service whichever office they reach.

Our Stornoway office is open from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Thursday and to 4pm on Friday.

You can bring in your tax records and your accounts, and be assured of a warm welcome and an informed response to any questions you may have.

We also help our clients to make payments of tax bills online in our offices, or to get access to their online Secure Document Server where they can look at their tax returns and tax computations and approve them online too.

In short, you have an active drop-in point for all your tax questions.

Both Angus and Sue are in Stornoway regularly, as is Liam McCreath our Tax Manager, where you can meet with them to discuss your tax affairs face to face or we can arrange a Skype call if matters are urgent.

Nicolson Accountancy - accountants in Stornoway
Our Stornoway office
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