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Our Aberdeen office | Aberdeen accountants

Only Aberdeen accountants for Aberdeen workers?  Nicolson Accountancy are the best firm of accountants for Aberdeen businesses, but who don’t actually have an office in Aberdeen.

Yes, we could easily open an office – and many clients have asked us to – but why would you want us to treble our fees just to deliver the same excellent service to you?

Or to put it another way why are you paying an enormous level of fees to your accountant in Aberdeen when you could switch to us and save yourself large sums of money and receive a better service?

Let us repeat that: why pay large Aberdeen fees you don’t need to???

Aberdeen accountantsThe offshore industry is going through a hard time and many of our clients are suffering financially. You may be too, and we understand that. That’s why we want to work with you to save you money and help you through this difficult time.

Our Aberdeen experience

With our vast experience providing services to and working with oil and gas sector employers such as SOCAR and LR Senergy; and with employees and company owners in the oil and gas sector we know how to help you through this difficult time. Our clients include directors of listed companies, who value our prompt effective and cost-efficient service.

We have an enormous range of experience dealing with UK, Norwegian and other international tax planning and payroll processing for SME business that can help you at a fraction of the cost in Aberdeen.

Our multiple accounting profession awards speak for themselves, and our competitors rate us highly.

We may not take ourselves too seriously, but we do take our work very, very, seriously. Of that you can be sure.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you, and how reasonable our fees really are.

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