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Services to UK and international contractors

Contractors working in the petrochemical industry
Contractors like to use Nicolson Accountancy as we can efficiently manage their services. We look at what you as a contractor require, and we find a solution that delivers the maximum retained value for you, whilst complying with all the tax laws of the relevant country.

We offer a variety of different solutions for our clients which are tailored to your individual needs.

Amongst the range of services we currently offer are:

  • Payroll computations for your company
  • Incorporation and management of your personal service company
  • Top level service companies to manage a group of contractors with their own PSC’s
  • Holding client funds in our client bank accounts to pay taxes
  • Managing all client funds from customer including distribution of funds to contractor and to tax authorities
  • Invoicing on your behalf
  • VAT management
  • Dealing with tax authorities in UK, Norway and the Netherlands, amongst others

We currently act for about 200 contractors in different countries and also help employment agencies to deliver services in cost-effective ways for their employees.

Nicolson Accountancy handle payments in excess of £40m for clients each and every year, and hold over £500,000 in client funds at any moment. For your piece of mind, we were recently inspected by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland who certified our handling of client funds as being completely in accordance with their client money regulations.

Swap to Nicolson Accountancy

We make it easy to switch to Nicolson Accountancy.  Just contact us today, or visit our dedicated switching page for more information about the process.

Contractors insurance

If you need Public Liability or Professional Indemnity insurance as a self-employed contractor or for your own company, then we would suggest that you contact Chaunce O’Hara using the link below for a free competitive quote.  Please remember that Employers Liability insurance is compulsory, and not optional and if you are working through your own company or employ any staff, you should take this cover out to protect you.

Contractors insurance

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