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Ask Me Anything

Okay, here’s your chance to Ask Me Anything.

Are we insane?  Well there are limits on what you can and cannot ask and what we will and will not answer, but sensible questions will be answered, and we hope it is helpful to clients and non-clients alike.

Acceptable questions are:

How quickly can you form a company?  A: about 4 working hours

When do I have to register for VAT?  A: when your turnover over the past twelve months  exceeds £83,000 (as at March 2017)

Ground rules

Do not post personal information.
All comments are moderated before being published, unless you have registered and been approved.
Offensive comments will almost certainly result in a complaint to your isp and employer.

Unacceptable questions are:

My accountant says…  We won’t second guess

Can you tell me how to complete my tax return?  That’s chargeable advice.

And finally

All this advice is provided "as is" on the basis of the incomplete information you provide and it may not be complete or wholly appropriate for your circumstances and you shouldn't take action on the basis of these general comments alone  -- but you know and accept that before using this AMA.

Your question is saved and will appear when it is answered.

Answers So Far..

  • Someone asked:
    I am a seaman working in the middle east. Can I reclaim the National Insurance I have paid?
    • Nicolson Accountancy replied:
      Possibly as this is a very complex area of law. If you meet all the following tests, then you may be entitled to reclaim the NI:
      • The ship is registered outside the UK
      • You are the Master or a Crew member
      • The employment contract was entered into inside the UK, and
        1. The employer is based outside the UK, and
        2. The employer does not have a place of business in the UK
      • The employment contract was entered into outside the UK, and
        1. The employer is based outside the UK, and
        2. Neither the employer nor ship owner has a place of business in the UK
      HMRC will want to see the P60 forms, your Discharge Book and possibly your contracts before approving any refund. The above is not a complete list of all the conditions but it summarises the major issues that we see arise.

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