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Looking to sell your accountancy practice?

Are you selling your accountancy practice?

Nicolson Accountancy are a rapidly growing firm of accountants based in Glasgow and Stornoway and we are always looking to grow the business.

Retirement just aheadWe’ve grown the business organically over the past ten years at a rate of over 25% compounded annually, but we are always on the look out for other growth opportunities.  Our success comes from the different approach we take to locating, attracting and retaining clients to our accountancy practice. And, of course, the service we deliver.

We operate a very different and very non-traditional style practice but very focused on service delivery to our vast number of clients.

So as not to waste your time (or ours!), we are primarily interested in practices or fee blocks where we obtain outright control of the accountancy practice after a short handover period. That will be no more than 12-24 months, although the seller may remain as a consultant for longer.

We may consider a merger as a way of providing an exit strategy, but that’s very much a secondary preference.

It’s not a problem for us if you have staff that may transfer, or if you have a different computer system from us (Iris); or even if you don’t have a computerised system.

The clients do not have to be based near us, but must be portable to us, as you will be giving us a warranty for this. That doesn’t mean we will necessarily move the practice to our offices, as we are open to all options.

Target size

We are interested in acquiring fees ranging from £50,000 to £350,000 but we may consider a practice or block of fees of up to £500,000 depending upon the specifics.

Our preferred areas at the moment are in and around Glasgow or the West of Scotland – Ayrshire to Dumfries – but the right opportunity might make us review the situation.

If any of this is of interest to you, then please contact Sue on 0141 237 3878 for an assuredly utterly confidential conversation.