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Meet our Team

Our team of staff are based across our three offices.

All the team can be contacted via any of the office phone numbers, as our offices are all connected together via a VOIP network.

Sue is based in the Glasgow office and specialises in management accounting and Norwegian tax services to clients.

Sue also oversees the payroll and BACS services, and is the first point of contact for most of the new clients.

Angus services all three offices, and when not moving around the offices he is often out meeting clients.

Specialising in external reporting and practical tax advice to clients, Angus is the contact man for tax planning.

Liam McCreath

Practice Manager and Tax Manager

With a huge level of experience in practice and from his time with the Inland Revenue, Liam manages the practice and the tax services of the firm.

Liam moves between all the offices, meeting clients, solving problems and succesfully battling HMRC.

Jane Hird

Office and practice manager

Based in the Stornoway Office, Jane manages the firms accounts as well as being responsible for all aspects of Company Secretarial.

Jane also manages the VAT services delivered across all three offices.

Wilma Anderson


Wilma is a key member of the Kilmarnock team, with huge experience in helping clients manage their bookkeeping and reporting.

With a deep knowledge of our clients, Wilma has the ability to recall helpful facts and information from years ago.

Kirstyn Campbell

Payroll supervisor

Kirstyn oversees the payroll and CIS processing for around £30,000,000 in payroll each year.

With vast knowledge and experience of CIS, Kirstyn has used her determination and drive to help new clients recover vast amounts of CIS that they are due.

Linzi Cannon

Accounting manager

Leading the accounting function, Linzi has the experience and knowledge to help clients understand their accounts and to ensure that the reporting is complete and accurate.
Linzi is working towards her final accounting exams, using the huge variety of our clients to further broaden her abilities.

Shannon Fyfe


Shannon has developed her payroll skills over the past few years and now works closely with our payroll clients to make sure that all staff are paid accurately and on time, every time.

Chole Knott


Expanding and streamlining the administration functions of the practice is the challenge facing Chloe.  She is the first point of contact for most clients, and she will help you get any information you need and ensure that your concerns are resolved.

Mhairi MacDonald


Based in our Kilmarnock office, Mhairi helps our clients maintain their accounting records and meet their reporting obligations.

Mhairi enjoys the interaction with clients and the challenges that this brings!

Carrin MacDougall


Working in our Stornoway office, Carrin provides accounting services to our clients and makes sure that they provide us with all the information necessary to ensure completeness and accuracy.

With a background in banking, Carrin is highly numerate and precise.

Carol MacLennan


Carol is based in our Stornoway office, where she is able to help all our clients with all their needs.

Carol is undertaking ACCA training, and using the skills learned in a busy office to progress her qualifications.

Donald MacLeod


Donnie specialises in supporting our contractors clients and providing payroll and tax advice to clients working in Norway.

When not preparing accounts, Donnie is a talented athlete competing in international competitions.


Jamie Merilees


Jamie prepares accounts and tax information for clients, and supports the contractors and the Norwegian tax clients.

Jamie is responsible for the delivery of these services to all the clients and in supporting and expanding the services these client require.

Ann Plowman

Tax assistant

Ann supports our tax manager, Liam, in delivering tax services to our clients.

She is responisble for collating, processing and managing the tax return process for a large portfolio of clients

Joanne Samson


Joanne manages the operation of the Kilmarnock office and brings clients and staff together to ensure that accounts and tax returns are compelted and filed promptly.

Jaonne is also responsible for her own portfolio of clients for whom she porepares accounts, VAT and resolves with day-to-day questions.